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Pick a Card Reading!

Today I felt called to do a pick a card reading for my amazing Soul Tribe! 🤗

Watch the quick video below to pick the pile that calls out to you. You can choose based off the color of the crystal or the design of the cards! After making a mindful decision, scroll down to your piles video and tap into these divine messages!

Green Stone/ The Light Seer

This stone resonates with our heart chakra! You are a Light Seer! Listen to the guidance spirit has for you below. 💚

Yellow Stone/ Dope Kids 🤘🏽

This yellow Stone resonates with our solar plexus. Watch the video below if you felt called to this pile! 💛

Blue Stone/ Cool, Calm & Collected

This blue stone calls out to our throat chakras! Tap the video below if this pile resonates with you! 💙

Take the time to meditate or journal on your next action steps after this reading. What are your guides and/or intuition leading you to do today?

Peace ❤️

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