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General Advice for Creating More Financial Abundance

So that brings my attention to our dependence on money and our overall relationship with it. We could do all the money spells and abundance affirmations we want, but if we don’t use our skills such as good money management, self-discipline, and even patience, we won't be as successful as we could be with calling in abundance through our finances.

My intention for the guidance below is for the collective to take a look at how personally develop a more positive relationship with money, what could be blocking the flow of finances and abundance in our lives, and how to be happier in our present moment rather than having a lack mindset toward things that haven’t even happened for us YET! Scroll down to your element group for your mini financial report.

"Make the Money, don't let the money make you!"

Fire Signs (Aries|Leo|Sagittarius)

Spirit is trying to get you to pay attention to something. You may notice ringing in your ear or repetitive thoughts that seem to pop up in your mind like endless notifications. Are you listening to your inner voice? There's an emphasis on you living a more minimalist lifestyle. You may be putting too much of your emotions into financial situations or letting your financial status have too much control over your emotional self. Spirit is saying “Make the money, don't let the money make you,” by remembering that money does not make who you are. Just because you're low on funds, doesn't mean life has to feel low. You may have days when you feel like your goals are impossible, that is the challenge for you, rise above the negative mindset linked to the flow of finances in your life. Financial freedom is very possible for you, it is your birthright! When the financial flow is at a standstill, rather than beating yourself and others up for what isn’t even there, try celebrating every little thing you do have, even if it's just 3 pennies. Spiritual help is on the way, as long as you make the effort to help yourself. Be mindful that what you put out is what you get back. When spending money or buying others gifts, do it from a place of love, it is our responsibility to give freely, not in hopes of getting something in return, but in hopes that it will fulfill something for another. When you are open to giving, The universe will interpret this as you being receptive to receiving. Scared money, don't make no money!

Let it be.

Earth Signs (Capricorn|Taurus|Virgo)

Imagine you’ve put a cake in the oven to bake, you keep opening the oven door to see how far along it is every few minutes. When the cake is finally done, you take it out to see that the center has gone flat! You must let the cake rise on its own and trust that the oven is doing its job! The same goes with the goals, plans, etc. that we are bringing into our reality. Talk with the divines, do your rituals, remain in a state of gratitude, repeat your affirmations, and trust that everything is working in divine order! Once you start stressing when or how many will come or if it’s even possible for you to become financially stable, that's when your process to greatness begins to get bumpy, we must expect the most positive outcomes for ourselves, challenges may arise, but where you're going is much bigger than a minor setback. It would be beneficial for you to release fears and doubts through yoga or physically moving your body, imagine every joint crack or sweat droplet being built up energy that had to be released to make physical and energetic space within and around you.

Act Like You Know!

Air Signs (Gemini|Libra|Aquarius)

Focus! Act like you know, act like you know! Now is not the time to go numb or act dumb, get out of your head for now, Spirit is calling you to make more moves. Lately, you’ve gotten really comfortable with the way things are, the great thing is, you’ve learned acceptance! However, there is a difference between accepting things for how they are in the moment and settling for less than you deserve. You may be thinking about abundance in other areas of life, not just limited to your finances. Spirit says congratulate yourself on that. You are not dense, as an air sign, you are just the opposite! Clever, witty, a quick thinker, you rule over having knowledge. Your ability to think outside the box needs to be used now more than ever if you want to call in a bigger bag. The Divines know what’s best for you, don’t give up hope now or you’ll lose everything up to this moment. Practice more gratitude toward your own intuition, I mean, when was the last time you led yourself astray? Exactly, you got this.

Knowledge Expansion

Water Signs (Cancer|Piscess|Scorpio)

There are money making opportunities for you within sharing and exchanging knowledge with others. Openly share what you now with the collective as it will lead you further into your life's purpose. You may be interested in becoming a financial advisor mentor, or maybe investing in one to assist you with managing financial obligations. The big bucks are waiting on you at the door, you are being called to step outside of your own limitations, why have you allowed yourself or others to put a limit on how much money you make? The springtime will be a very affluent season for you, just as flowers will be blooming, so will many of your ideas and manifestations as they come into fruition. It would be wise to research new fruits and how they can heal and nurture your body. The better you feel on the inside, the better you look on the outside, feeling and looking healthy is what's going to boost your confidence as you embark on new paths to call in abundance in all areas of life. Explore a new hobby and expand your knowledge past your own understanding. Your past has contributed to the knowledge you hold now, that past is a part of you but it has no control over your present moment. Every experience has prepared you for what’s next.

Soul family, I hope you found this advice helpful, I pray it contributes to your healing relationship with money, and leads you to find new, creative ways to bring in abundance through your fincances.

If youre interested in a more in depth personal financial reading, please head over to to book your online session.

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