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5 Trusted Tips For Dating While On Your Spiritual Journey.

Most of us hope to one day find our soulmate or life partner that just gets us! Dating today can be draining and discouraging, often times we just need to hit an energetic reset on our love lives and put ourselves out there with a stronger foundation in self and the willingness to grow in change. I give you, 5 tips I've learned from dating as a spiritual woman in her 20's.

1. Trust your intuition.

Have you ever heard someone say that feeling butterflies when you first meet someone is your bodies nervous system letting you know that this person is NOT the right person for you? My entire adolescent life, I have always equated feeling butterflies around my crush as a positive sign for a romantic connection. As I got older, I learned that our bodies do in fact send us signals to let us know when danger is present, but will also let us know when there's nothing to fear. People often feel these signals in their gut, which is why gut feelings are said to be our intuition alerting us of something that needs our attention. Listen to those feelings, the next time you meet someone new, pay attention to any sensations that may arise in your body. Do you feel heat within your throat? This could be your bodies way of letting you know there are blockages within your throat chakra that may arise around this person. Maybe you experience a gentle feeling of peace, which could be your intuition informing you that it is safe to trust this person and form a new connection. Ultimately, your intuition is your inner voice, it would be a disservice to yourself not to listen to it or your body.

2. Manifest your ideal partner.

When stepping into today's dating pool as a person on a journey to self discover, healing, and universal love, it can feel as if everyone's a devious shark with plans to steal the precious pearl, that is, your inner light. The truth is, there will always be sharks in the water, but you can take precautions to protect your energy from those who may not be your match, while attracting those who resonate with what you're looking for in a partner. Be clear with yourself about what you are seeking in a partner, whether someone with a compassionate heart, one to start a business with, or just someone who keeps you laughing. Visualization is a common and effective way to bring what you're seeking into your reality, envision the energy that you desire your ideal partner to embody. One of the most important steps in manifesting your lover is to release expectations of what you don't have control over such as when or how you'll meet and especially not their habits or personal issues. The only expectations you should have for your ideal partner is that they will come in respectfully, being true to themselves and you. Remember, relationships are all learning experiences, so have fun, release the need to be in control, and recognize what situations do or don't deserve your valuable time and energy.

What are the three things you want to have in common with your significant other?

3. "How You gon' Win When You Ain't Right Within?"

So, you're manifesting all these wonderful qualities that you envision in your future partner, ask yourself what it is that you need to focus on in order to be the best version of you for your partner. Everyone comes with their own struggles, life lessons, and baggage, but when you desire to move forward into more healthier and stable connections, it's important to bring awareness to what needs improvement within you first. It may sound cliché, but, be the partner you want for yourself first, that way, your options who are on the same level as you, can recognize the stability and love they seek through your presence. In other words, real WILL recognize real, so be real with yourself and get right within to attract your ideal significant other.

4. Create Balance.

One thing I have learned while dating over the years is that, there has to be equal give and take in relationships. Both partners must work together to provide support, respect, compassion, and overall positive effort especially during challenging times. Knowing when to be the giver or receiver in a situation is a good social skill to have, hold space for others to communicate their needs, likewise, those who you enter relationships with should be open to allowing you the space to communicate your concerns and opinions. At our big age, we are no longer allowing folks to drain us or create environments where we feel unheard! It's either reciprocate positive growth energy or get out of here! Respectfully. All jokes aside, you will never have to question when your relationship is harmonious, there's a sense of peace that will be present to let you know, it is safe to share space with this individual.

5. Be open to change.

As you grow and transform into the best version of yourself, you may find that the type you were once attracted to is no longer what you need for a healthy relationship. You may look beyond physical attraction and become more aware of a person's true essence. Be open and receptive to new kinds of people coming your way, people that are here to teach you about life and intimate connections. Being open to change may look like going out of your comfort zone to meet new people in person rather than online dating or even joining a new local club with those who share the same interests as you. You create the change you want to see in your love life by putting yourself out there in healthy and productive ways.

They say "what you are seeking is also seeking you", so have faith that there's no need to rush or worry about finding love, you already posses love. When you and your future significant other are both in energetic alignment where there can be equal give and take, clear intentions, trust, and the capacity to share each others love and commitment together, it will all play out the way that it should.

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