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“ Your reading was really on point, at that time I was having a lot of trouble with figuring out what my next move was & finding alignment within myself to trust the process. I was working a job I hated & wasting money frivolously so I was in a bit of a low place feeling lost. So, thank you again!”


“Thank you! [the reading] does resonate! I do have a lot of blocking thoughts and I knew It was time for a change I think I have to work inside out before I work outside in” 

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Your Spiritual Guide

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, you are exactly where you need to be right now! I am a Spiritual Reader out of Connecticut, here to guide your soul forward toward deep healing, clarity, and higher consciousness. I started my tarot reading journey early 2019, but since a preteen, I’ve been very aware of self and the subtle, loving guidance of my angels & spirit guides. My prayer is to help you become aware of the nudges from your own guides! Contact me to schedule your spiritual reading!


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Hartford, CT, USA

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